Above: The City of Oranjestad (Aruba), as seen from roo's boat. Below: In the morning he and kim went on a sea kayaking trip i followed along. Here you can see a surveillance picture of the two during kayaking break, after that they went snorkeling in a coral reef area. Unfortunately this only picture i could get in the morning. You can tell how affectionate they were by the closeness of them in the picture.  
  Above: A waiver I had to sign in order to follow these two horseback riding. Point number 2 mentions snakes, heart attacks and gun fire! Stalking roo is dangerous work!. Below: The evil kim riding a nice horse. Apparently it was a show stallion. I was hoping she'd fall off, no luck.  
  Above: I follow the two in the train of horses, Kim ventured up front and it was the perfect chance to approach Roo. Below: When i got close to roo, i chickened out and told him i was taking a picture of the boat off in the distance. Another chance to woo him wasted! Roo's horse looks a little beat.  
  Above: I used this truck as my 'cover vehicle' when following Roo around, he came up to me at one point and asked me something about 'slump' and 'Self Leveling Concrete', I tried to fool him with my best portuguese accent. I think it work. I don't know why he never recognizes me. Below: Aruba at night, as the Boat slowly drifts away. This was the last port of call for the cruise and we were on our way back to San Juan.  
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