Above: Early in the morning I continued my stalking mission following Roo and Kim. I tracked them in a high speed water craft that I 'borrowed' from a tour guide with an Australian accent. Below: Along the way I bumped into this massive beast, turtles are scary!  
  In the afternoon we ended up in Harrisons Gully, in a cave, named fittingly Harrisions Cave. Above and Below are pictures of the Cave and Gully. I sorta lost track of Roo here, so i just took pictures of the natural surroundings.  
  Above: Just in case the stalking mission got crazy, i called in my friends from the Arubian Navy. Thankfully they weren't needed, but its nice to know the entire Army and Navy showed up. Below: A beautiful sunset brought to us from the Church of Scientology. Confused? That boat in the picture is the Official Church of Scientology Cruise Ship. My friends in da'Church came out to assist my Stalking efforts.  
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