Randonneurs Ontario Mean Streets 200km Brevet ( Sept 2007)
A Failed attemt at Randonneurs Ontario LOL 1000km Brevet ( July 2007)
Randonneurs Ontario Markham-Woodville 200km Brevet ( April 2007)
First Ride in 2007 (March 2007)
Roo Rides to Kingston and Back in craptacular conditions (July 2006)
A Randonneurs Ontario ride - 300kms From Markham around Rice Lake and back (June 2006)
An Randonneurs Ontario ride - 200ks in Toronto (May 2005)
Roo Rides Across Canada!! (External Page 2005)
Roo Rides to Kingston and Back on the New Bike (July 2004)
Roo's New Gaint OCR Touring Bike (July 2004)
Silent Lake Trails (Summer 2002)
Kelso Pictures (Summer 2002)
The 24 Hours of Adernalin Race (Summer 2000)
The Kingston Ride (July 1998)
Taming The Bicycle, By Mark Twain
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