Roo's Big Ride (stolen from Chris' page)

Every year, Roo's family holds a Family reunion in the Thousand Island area on the U.S. side. This is an account of Roo's trip in '98,I followed him all the way there. I stole this off of Chris' Webpage, hey stealing is nothing to a stalker, at least I let Chris live.

This will be his 3rd time riding down. Me, this will be my second time accompanying Andrew on his
journey. The first time, I did it for the hell of it, but this time, "I had no choice!"

We will take the Go Train to Pickering to get out of the hectic city, and from Pickering, we will ride
straight through the night to our destination!

Unfortunately, half of the photos didn't turn out. There was some classic footage! Maybe we'll
have to ride down next year to take more pictures!

The Beginning!

Friday July 17th, 1998 - 10:00pm

Pickering, Ontario to Cape Vincent, New York.
Approximately 260 kilometers or 160 miles.

Welcome to Welcome!
Population: To little to even put on the sign!

We're a little disappointed, last year we were
welcomed when we rode through town,
intersection, whatever!

Its about 4:30am, we've just passed through Colborne, Ontario.
This is the point of no return! (For both the trip and Andrew!)

5:00am - Brighton
Population: 4,500, but that was scratched out and it now states 4,200
(I wonder what happened to the 300 missing people!)

Wow, what a bright sign! Oh, BTW, Bobbie Jo, check out the pole
behind Andrew, theres a message in a bottle for you!

5:05am - Lost in Brighton!

Left or right, the only choice we had, we chose wrong!

Oh my god! We aren't the only insane ones out here!

Actually this is Bernie & Jim, we were supposed to meet them
in Belleville at 8:00am, but they left a half hour early!

But 2 hours later we caught up to them

Thats right! 22 Kms left to Kingston!
Unfortunately, we still had double that to ride!

Andrew just kept on reassuring me that all that was left was a BYOB,
and no, thats not Bring your own booze!

See ya Jim & Bernie, it was fun!

Was the Tim Hortons good?

Good luck with your ride around Lake Ontario!

On the ferry from Wolfe Island to the U.S.

Andrew! Stop singing the Gilligan's Island theme song!

Finally! We made it through the night! We made it to the border!

I don't think we'll make it through the inspection, that Customs guy
with the rubber gloves is starting to scare me!

I just had to pick up a little treat once I got to the border.

Why? Because, I AM CANADIAN!


We made it!

Now its time to Party!