Cruising With the Ex


I've seen many strange things while stalking Roo, but the strangest had to be the Caribbean Cruise of 2003. The Background story: Roo met Kim in the spring/summer of 2002, they dated all summer and then she dumped his ass 4 days before his birthday in October 2002. For some unexplained reason, in the winter of 2003 Kim invited Roo on a cruise that was to be a graduation gift from her parents. So they date for nearly 4 months, apart for 8 months, then she takes him on a cruise!! Weird! And to kill evil rumours that were spread around, there was no sex to be had on the cruise I watched them the entire time.

I followed the two via Airplane down to San Juan for once nite, then 7 days on the Carnival Destiny.

The trip was 8 days long, over 400 surveillance pictures were taken. I broke them up into the following categories:

San Juan
St. Thomas/St. John's
On The Boat
People and Things
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