Sunday (post ride)

I've writing this a couple of days after Sundays ride. I woke feeling pretty good, I did snooze for about 30 extra minutes and walked down to get my free breakfast. I loaded up on toast, hash browns and my morning cure of Coke. Afterwards I packed up, and checked out.

And off I went, I was feeling pretty good in the morning, leaving at 9:10. Sure I wasn't charging up the hills like Lance can, but I got my butt up them. I bought a newspaper to read at lunch, Iím a news junkie and canít spend more than one day without one, also I needed my Tour de France update.

I took the same route out of town as I did going in, sticking along the waterfront.

I heard a bell ring, looked back, and there was my gang of motorcyclists passing by me again, more waves and toots of the horn. More warm feelings and laughs on my part. I caught them just as they were turning off my route, what luck. 15 minutes later I was on highway 33, the Loyalist Highway and who passes me again? The same group, one last time, one last set of waves and honks. I knew this would be the last time I saw them.

With that, I rode on along Highway 33, heading towards the Glenora Ferry. 53 kms later I was there. It was a great ride, I stopped to take pictures of another company location in Bath, and a few other sites along the way. The first half of the ride was a gentle uphill, and then nice gentle downhill to the ferry. The view of the valley/river was great! A short wait for the ferry, and short trip and I was in Prince Edward County. I had been told it has some of the best cycling in Ontario.

  I decided not to visit Lake on the Mountain, since it was well.. on a mountain. I'll come back again another time to check it out. I was looking towards Picton as a great place for lunch. A slow long climb and a nice quick decent into Picton that didnít take too long. I was looking for a patio to eat lunch at, and found one towards the tail end of town. Had a pricey burger and coke. Filled on Gatorade just before leaving town at 1.

I knew it was going to be 60kms until my next major town, Brighton again. I plugged along slowly, this was uncharted area for me so everything was nice to see. I passed the house of one L. Armstrong, who knew he had a farm house in Ontario. The scenery was very nice, a few small town that you get out in farming areas, views of the lake at times. As the road turned north I noticed DARK clouds ahead, and started hearing thunder. My route was going take me east soon, and the clouds were slightly north west. I was able to avoid the rain today, but did ride in some spots that still had water on the ground.

  I crossed over the Murray Canal on a swing bridge. There was a large crowd watching a boat burn down the river. I hope everyone got out okay. After this it was a short ride into Brighton at 125kms for the day. I picked up some refreshments and thought about the rest of the day. At this point it was only 100kms to Oshawa, my end point for the ride. But I had to be in Oshawa but 11, or 7 hours away to catch the last train into Toronto. I figured I could make that, assuming my pace of about 20kms/hour stood up. It would make for a long day of 225kms right after 270kms the day before.

I decided I would ride another 40kms into Colburg and decide then based on my pace and how I felt.

  For the next 40 kms, I avoided looking at my watch, I decide that when I reached Colburg I could see what time it was. I thought if I knew my pace I may try to force myself more than I should. Well it seemed longer, but I managed that 40kms in just under 2 hours, leaving me with 60kms to do in 5 hours. I decided I would push on, and finish this tour in 2 days, instead of 3.

  So through port hope (7:00), and along the waterfront I went. The area between Bowmansville and Port Hope south of the 401 is great cycling country. Empty roads, nice scenery, good hills for riding up and down. I felt alive again after 175kms. I was passed by two roadies on training rides, I couldnít keep up, but did give it a try.

  The sun was setting on me now as I reached Newcastle, just another 25kms to go. As I was crossing over highway 115/35 I happened upon a crash investigation scene. Motorcycle/Car accident. Although the body wasnít there, it seemed pretty clear to me the motorcyclists didnít survive the crash. It reminded me to pull out my bike light for the last hour.

I passed through Bowmanville, and then onto a quiet country road for the last 10kms into Oshawa. Then a few busy streets into the Oshawa station parking lot, finally done! Or not!

Being Sunday the train didnít go all the way out to Oshawa like it did Friday night. What was I thinking! After 225 kms, I had to go another 19 to the Pickering station. I had one hour, unless I wanted to wait another hour for the next train.

I was pretty much done for the night and ready to crash, but I got back on my bike and pushed as hard as I could. I wanted to get on that next train, I didnít want to wait an extra hour for bed. Through Oshawa, Whitby and Ajax I rode, on some really dark, narrow and busy streets. I was tired, and scared at times from the cars passing so close at night. After 45 more minutes on the road, I made it to the Pickering station, paid my fare, and plopped my ass down in a seat. I know it was only an extra 19 kms, but when you get settled on a set location, it can be unnerving to have to do more. I was prepared to stop, ready for a rest and spent all my energy. That last bit was hard, and of course thatís the way I like it.

After chatting with a waterloo co-op student on the train, I made it home safely to a nice warm bed.

Day two totals: 245.8 kms, 12 hours 52 minutes, 19.1km/hr avg. 1294 ft of climbing.