This is his good friend Chris, right after giving Roo some good head. NO really! Who knows what he just did. Apparently they go 'Riding' all night and the odd time they get off and film each other.
Roo has to constantly fight off the advances from Rachel (shown here) Despite telling her repeatedly that he is not interested she continues to stalk Roo. More power to you Rachel! Fight On!

Another cute girl that seems to stalk Roo around the place, Anne.

Don't let this innocent snap shot fool you, she is pure evil, and has many talents that will leave you gasping for air.

This beauty is Kelly, she has never had any roo-mantic intentions. We won't hold that against her, she's pretty cool, and good with her hands *wink*. She did however insist that we take her picture in front of these signs.

You can't see what Heather is sitting on top of here, i bet you wanna know. The cutie has been chatting it up with Roo for a couple of years now online. They plan to meet one day.

Mike and Alison are the ultimate cute/sweet couple from another planet. Actually they are from ottawa, and even have the nerve to support the Ottawa Senators, we all should hold that against them.

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