This was Roo's first girl friend. It took me 3.5 years to break these two up, it was hard work. Lisa was last seen in this picture i took of her, right before she mysteriously fell into Niagara Falls. Weird.
Here we can see Vivian, Roo dated vivian online for about a year. What he didnt know is that i paid her to date him, just to keep tabs on him. The plan worked pretty good until they realised 5000 kms is a long way apart.
The third girl that Roo met online, only this one was somewhat local, and wasn't controled secretly by me. For two years these two dated, many thought they acted like they were married for a long time, just to make that more real, they separated. They still talk, and try to piss each other off to this day, but in a fun way.

This is Kim, and a horse, of course. I was able to convince kim to dump his ass quickly, after a short few months. She ditched him right before his birthday, what an evil bitch! Thats why i liked her. TO make up for it, She took him on a cruise in May 2003.





Below: You can see Roo with his current gf, Lorysa. She always has a firm grip on him, she never lets him go. It will be hard to woo Roo away from her, but its my life's mission as Roo's stalker.

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