Every Stalker knows that one of the most effective ways to woo a stalkee is to flower him with gifts, lots of gifts. I have compiled a list of Roo's favorite things. This list should get you started with your gift buying.
Roo is and Engineer in training, so of course he loves LEGO!! So if you want to impress Roo, buy him some. Lego. Remember, he is not playing with it, he's building with it. Get him some older Lego from EBAY.
Rubber, and Vinyl and Leather OH MY!
Rubber, and Vinyl and Leather OH MY!

Get something sexy from Northbound
Leather to wear for Roo. I'm sure he'll find ways to thank you.
Man can not live on bread and water alone, But Roo can live on Dr. Pepper if he wanted to.
Roo feels there should be a holiday just for chocolate. He just might be right
Roo's family single handedly keeps Swiss Chalet in business. Ribs and Wings Combo for Roo. And boy does he look Cute with the BBQ sauce ring around his lips. :)
It's a simple plan, buy Roo Rum, get him drunk then have your way with him.
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