The Plan

Saturday July 17th, I have a family reunion to attend in Cape Vincent Ny, which is just across the border from Kingston Ontario. I have previously ridden to this event 3 times, riding overnight and arriving mid-afternoon to join in the fun. Once was solo, the other two times I had a friend ride with me.

By taking a commuter train to the very edge of the suburbs I save myself 80kms of city cycling and leaving myself with a 245km ride to the reunion.

The ride pretty much follows Highway 2 from Oshawa to Kingston, then takes a ferry over to Wolfe Island, another 11kms to the other side of the Island where I catch another short ferry to Cape Vincent Ny, USA. Then itís an 11km ride down the road to the reunion. For the return trip, I'll deviate a bit and take Highway 33 (The Loyalist Highway) along Lake Ontario, across on the Glenora Ferry, into Prince Edward County, up to Brighton and back onto the Highway 2 route till Oshawa.

Day 1: Starting at Midnight, I'll ride off towards Kingston, arrive mid afternoon and leave around 6:30 to stay in Kingston over night. This will allow me to get an early start the next day instead of waiting for the early morning ferry schedule.

Oshawa - Kingston 215kms
Kingston to reunion 22 kms
Reunion to Kingston 22 kms
Total 259kms

Day 2: Riding along Highway 33, across into Prince Edward County, and up to Brighton, then along Highway 2, until I tire and find a camping spot. I have a few along this route researched, it will be a matter of what ever is closest when I feel like stopping.

Kingston to Brighton 125kms
Brighton to Colburg 40kms
Total 165

Day 3: Shorter day, just packing up and riding home. Should be able to see how my legs feel after two days of cycling.

Colburg to Oshawa 60kms

Trip Totals 259+165+60=484 kms