Above: The Carnival Destiny dock at Fort-De-France, Martinique. Below: St Louis Cathedral, how a island this size gets a cathedral is beyond me. Roo and Kim, stayed out of the main town, instead traveling elsewhere. I overheard that it was probably a good idea.  
  Above: Roo and Kim hightailed it out of the city on a sail boat to a volcanic black sand beach (Below). It was very hot sand. They continued their collection of bottled sand.  
  Above and Below: I stalk from a distance as Kim and Roo check out a bat cave close to the black sand beach. I'm not fond of bats, hence i stayed far away.  
  Above: Somehow i lost contact with Roo and Kim and missed getting back on the boat. I hitched a ride on the pilot boat. Below: Martinque at night, as we float away.  
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