The Story Behind the Trip to New York City

Evelyn and Roo met online April 29th, and throughout the months of May and June the chatted frequently... This *woman* was stealing the man that I had been stalking for months. I followed them around the first time they met, they went 5 Pin bowling. How cute *gags* Then 2 weeks later they met again for mini golf *gags some more* Anyway.. Evelyn had a job interview in New York City, and needed someone to come with her. It made total sense to her to invite some net freak that she had only met twice to come along.

So off they went, with no plan really, they decided to take off and me being Roo's Stalker had to follow them and attempt to save Roo from the clutches of this cutie.

Leaving late one Wednesday night in June, Evelyn and Roo proceeded to get lost in of all places Rochester NY. But once they found Roo's relatives place they had a place to sleep for the night. Then off the next day to the Big Apple. On the way they made plans for accommodations.
Above we can see Roo and Evelyn posing in front of their Hotel. Who the hell stays at the YMCA? Well of course I had to get a room there as well. I stayed right next to them, listening through the walls making sure that woman wasn't corrupting sweet innocent Roo. In any event I think Roo would report that it IS FUN to stay at the YMCA!
I followed these two around New York, snapping pictures when I could do so. The following shots pretty much document their trip to New York
Left: Roo in Central Park.

Right: Evelyn in Central Park.

Below: Three Shots of the Statue Of Liberty.
Left: Evelyn in Time Square Station.

Right: Roo at Time Square.
Right: This picture was taken just seconds before the man jump over these poor volunteers.

Below: Another shot of the jumper and some freaky poser girl
Above: Roo and Evelyn pose on the ferry with New York behind.

Below: New York City.
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