This was Roo's last girlfriend, In fact this was the last picture of her before she mysteriously disappeared. I of course was questioned, and detained. I was released when a body never showed up.
This is his good friend Chris, right after giving Roo some good head. NO really! Who knows what he just did. Apparently they go 'Riding' all night and the odd time they get off and film each other.
Partners in Crime
Roo receives constant harassment from his cuz Krusty and her best friend Anna. Anna Really loves pool jets too, but who doesn't. Joining the terrible twosome is the evil Nora. Nora is still mad at Roo for a couple of practical jokes, Teeheehee. That is Jenn on the very right, she just wants chocolate all the time. Below that you can see Kristy and Anna locking lips in a roo-mantic New Years kiss. Ahhh isn't it sweet?

Krusty Kisses AGAIN! See all the action on the new
Krossover Kissing Krusty Page.
Below is a lovely picture of another of Roo's Cousins, Nikki. She is currently for sale at a very low price.. but she comes as is.. no trade ins or refunds. Mileage may vary. Void where prohibited by law.
This is Roo's cuz LEsliE, shE wouldn't lEt it rEst that shE wasn't includEd on this wEb pagE. HEr and Roo arE closE.. thEy rEally *LOVE* family rEunions. (Sick Eh?)
The Internet Stalkers
These ladies just won't leave poor Roo alone, they don't know that I AM his One True Stalker. Vivian on the left and Jenny on the right in a typical pose. Below-Right we have Nanci the Arkansas hick girl. Below left is Steph and Kelly on the right
Roo has to constantly fight off the advances from Rachel (shown here) Despite telling her repeatedly that he is not interested she continues to stalk Roo. More power to you Rachel! Fight On!

The newest and biggest threat to my plan to capture Roo's affection is Evelyn. Roo met this cutie on ICQ and the have since become an item. They are so sweet its sickening! Check out their trip to New York.

I must get rid of her in order to have MY ROO!
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