This was how Roo looked back in 'the day' Cute eh?

I wonder what happened since then?
UGH! Don't stare directly at him

We can see that Roo's highschool days were not nice to him. Gotta love the clean locker tho.
A great black and white picture taken by his great 'sister'. Click on the Picture to see both shots from the session.

Check out her webpage for more great Black and White shots. She is a great photographer.
Below to the left is a normal shot of Roo, on the right I used a special 'personality camera' to see the real Roo. The results are obvious.
Normal Roo
Devil Roo
Here is Roo at his bro's wedding posing with a friend.

It's not apparent in this picture why he was the Best Man
Just some random left over pictures that show off Roo's natural beauty or lack of it
Punch drunk
Sick and green
Couch Shot
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