Above: The bus Carnival sent to take us to the boat. This is us getting on the bus, thats the boat in the back ground. We actually went further away from the boat to do a u-turn. Below Left: I passed Roo in the hall way on his way to dinner, looking like a drug dealer. Below Right: These two people starved to death in the lineup to get on the boat. Being Sars stricken Canadians we got to skip the line.  
  Above: Two cute girls that Roo and Kim met on the boat, they didnt notice me stalking him. Neena and Sheena, No really! Below: a cute sign in a bar. So simple, yet so powerful, its like a Halmark card.  
  I stole these pictures from Roo's camera when he was drunk. Above: Roo hams it up with Senor Frog, a chain resturant spokesman, er spokesfrog i mean. Below, Kim's Dad, Juan (Roo's faithful giver of the rum and coke) and Roo, in the main dinning room.  
  Above: Waiters William and Eva, both lots of fun. Below: A totally drunk Kim dances with Eva.  
  Above: A nicely carved ice dragon. Below: mmmmm chocolate woman, hey look over there, a distraction!  
  Above: During the cruise we all got to see a total eclipse of the moon, it was quite entertaining. Below: One of the many beautiful sunsets.  
  Above: One final sunset, last call (below), and time to pack up and head home. A long week of stalking Roo, I need a vacation.  
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