Am I really stalking Roo?

What is commonly called stalking includes such things as repeatedly following someone; spending extended periods of time watching someone's home or place of work; making repeated telephone calls to someone or their friends; making contact with someone's neighbors or co-workers; and contacting and possibly threatening someone's new companion, spouse or children. Any or all of these actions result in the causing of fear for safety.

It's true I follow him, and watch him, but its entertaining, and if he didn't want me to follow him he'd run or change routes. I know he likes to be followed, because he keeps looking back for me. Does that sound like someone that doesn't like my company? I hardly call him anymore since the phone company took my phone away. Thankfully I have not needed to bug any of his girlfriends since his last girlfriend mysteriously disappeared. But my court appointed lawyer has advised me not to say anymore about her.

So now, I suppose you all think its a crime to follow Roo around. To follow him to school, his house, the bathroom. Well I don't think its a crime, how else am I supposed to be close to him? I know he likes it, I know he's just playing hard to get when he fires warning shots from his gun. If he didn't want me around he could just tell me stop.. again.

Well just in case you are really interested in stalking then check out the Canadian Laws. Many of these laws I am very well aware of first hand. Big Hello to my parole officer if he is reading, :) its only a joke

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