The wonderful Carnival Destiny as seen in the port at St Thomas. She looks good from the outside, but gets real tacky on the inside. Below (next 3 shots): The main deck of the ship, with entertainment, stages, lounge chairs and pools all over the place. I think some people spend their cruise relaxing.  
  Above: The first signs of tackiness, the main bar and the main Elevators. A lovely combination of copper, purple and silver don't you think? Nit Picking yes. Below: One of the many loooooong hallways that are narrow and hard to walk down when not completely sober. I wonder what is behind door number 3? That was Roo and Kim's room, I snuck in while they were lost on the boat.  
  Above: The ships casino, just incase your wallet was too heavy for you. Please leave enough in your pocket to catch a ride home from the airport. Below: More tack, actually this is proof that drugs fuck up your brain, because the designer must have been high. Very Bottom: The infirmary: it was packed with people that got sick from the bad decor of the ship. No really.  
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